The Young Life NYC/LI
Work Crew Job Readiness Program

Gain Work Experience While Earning Financial Stipend

This is a 3-4 week long experience at Lake Champion, a Young Life property. This program is designed for those who have completed grades 10-12 (graduating 2024-2022). Summer Staff serve campers in roles that require considerable maturity and non-verbal witness of the impact of our Christian faith on our lives. Positions include dining hall server, housekeeping, outdoor (maintenance) crew, and kitchen.


If you are looking for opportunities to gain work experience that will prepare you for life beyond high school, Work Crew can provide these experiences as well as the chance to build new friendships and grow in your faith.


For those who financially qualify, you may apply for a $750 financial stipend to help mitigate this month away from your other sources of summer employment.

How to Apply For This Program

1. Please click on the first button below to apply for the NYC/LI job readiness program. This does not complete your application process as you also need to complete #2 in this list.


2. After completing the NYC/LI Job Readiness Program application, you need to reach out to your Young Life Adult Leader/Staff person for them to initiate the Work Crew Application. Once they initiate that application, fill out the national Work Crew application. You will need to be accepted both by Lake Champion and by the NYC/LI Job Readiness Program to be part of this initiative. Make sure to apply for either 2nd or 3rd session at Lake Champion. In the Work Crew Application Process, you will either enter one of these two dates for Lake Champion.

June 26-July 20 (Session 2) or

July 21-August 6 (Session 3)

FYI - Requirements for the Fulfillment of this Job Readiness Program

  • Completing the 2-step application process and being accepted into the program.


  • Participating in the three training sessions of the Job Readiness Program hosted by NYC/LI Young Life Staff (a blend of virtual and in-person training sessions in NYC)


  • Completing the post program evaluation.


You must complete BOTH the NYC/LI form and the national Work Crew Application to be considered for this program.

The Young Life NYC/LI
Work Crew Job Readiness Program

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