Teen whose profane Snapchat message got her suspended sues college over free message and victories. Now the region really wants to go on it to your Supreme Court.

It may take place

A Pennsylvania school district is asking for the Supreme Court weigh in on an incident following a freshman cheerleader along with her parents sued the region after it disciplined the teenager for the profane message she shared on social media marketing.

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In accordance with A monday report through the ny days, titled “a cheerleader’s vulgar message encourages a primary amendment showdown,” the mahanoy area class district has expected the supreme court to rule on whether pupils may be self-disciplined for remarks they generate on social media marketing.

The unnamed pupil had simply found that she did not make the varsity cheerleading squad whenever she delivered the offending message.

She took to Snapchat, where she messaged about 250 buddies with a note featuring herself and a student that is fellow their center fingers up. The unnamed pupil captioned the picture “[u]sing a curse term four times,” and expressed her unhappiness with “school,” “softball,” “cheer,” and “everything.”

“Though Snapchat communications are ephemeral by design, another pupil took a screenshot for this one and revealed it to her mother, a coach,” the changing times reported. “the college suspended the pupil from cheerleading for a 12 months, saying the punishment ended up being necessary to ‘avoid chaos’ and keep a ‘teamlike environment.'”

After the suspension system, the teenager along with her family sued the region and had been victorious in the us Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit in Philadelphia.