Could you desire anyone to that to you personally? Maybe you have been cheated on or had an other woman extremely demonstrably make an effort to take your guy? We bet you have not.

Then it would be a completely different story, and no it wouldn’t be much of an issue for him to date a former student this happened while I was in graduate school between a prof and former student – they’re married now, actually posted by echo at It’s not that big a deal if you’re no longer a student and you’re somewhat close in age if he was single.

I do not think his peers gives most of a shit. I understand it from both edges. Some profs also just like the reputation, particularly if they will have tenure and are also careful to not get a get a cross any technical lines. Often simply being a flirt which your guy might very well be does the key. But that isn’t the genuine concern, as many people are saying right right here. He might be a lumberjack, but he is still down limitations unless you want the non-career-specific hell you’d be purchasing for many concerned. And also you don’t require you to inform you therefore if any experience is had by you in life.

Does your professor that is former have?

Then remain the hell away. For the reason that instance whatever rumor mill there is certainly may possibly not be as bad for him expertly.