Fine, therefore I EVENTUALLY appreciated to create my own USB string with me to the web so we could toss some photos up.

we won:t have enough time to publish a genuine change through the previous passage but just in cases where any person try wondering I:m today in Hiroshima and LOVING becoming last Japan. Any state which includes warmed bathroom chairs in most general public and exclusive washrooms is a good destination! The transit over was some uneven for any basic little (posts to follow along with while I have much more your time) but in conclusion excellent. But enough of that. listed below are some images of the travel so far. They have been condensed substantially and there is a big difference from the equator crossing until Naha once our camera had been broken but here are some of these.

This the initial lot of people that I travelled to Paupa New Guinnea with.

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This image was actually drawn in the Vancouver airport shortly after we owned all found all the way up. From left to great was Greg, Graham, personally, Amanda, Joel, Ilya, and Raven. Recognize that by now all of us look quite conscious (apart from Joel that has merely spent 12 many hours on an overnight train from Nelson together with rested the remainder nights on a bench during the airport) We will search significantly less firm after 30 some days of routes.

Our very first veiw of Pacific sophistication at our very own dock in Madang, Paupa unique Guinnea. It absolutely was a rather unique view after adjusting to viewing their into the interior harbour in Victoria every weekend break.

Our first day away Madang. A beautiful going time and beautiful 40 degree day. This became back when many of us lived in bathingsuits regularly. Wow we neglect days gone by. but not the sunburns.

Ok, now there certainly is an enormous break in my photographs. We have nothing from Chuck or Guam back at my digicam but never worry, I will rob numerous from my friends while I return.