Marlene says this after hearing on the battles that this lady female people have observed inside their lives.

She finds the company’s articles of patriarchal oppression intolerable, and marvels if these people recognized the injustice while they resided it, the manner in which Marlene features always struggled against social gender positions in 1970s The united kingdomt. Marlene’s anger, at the same time, fuel sources the woman willpower in order to get away from the woman blue-collar beginnings and wish to economic liberty. Marlene’s abject rejection to allow the girl gender get in the way of the lady triumph comes out often throughout the games. She results in their girl, therefore putting away from the vestiges of being a mother, and behaves condescendingly towards women who do not want to dedicate their own life to overthrowing the patriarchy.

“I thought God would communicate with me right. In reality they know I became a female.”