The perks and pitfalls of dating being a foreigner

Luke, a 28-year-old Brit living in Nantong, Jiangsu Province, ended up being enjoying a walk through the park together with his brand brand brand brand new buddy, a lovely young Chinese physician, whenever their discussion found a halt that is screeching.

“He unexpectedly said, ‘You are from England; these are typically extremely available in England. Perchance you might be my boyfriend.’ I happened to be like, ‘No…we just came across,'” Luke recalls.

Luke, whom works chinese singles dating in training, has lived and traveled all over China since coming right here in 2012, lately settling in Nantong.

An excess of enthusiasm in that time, he’s found that being young and foreign not only attracts the attention of locals, but adds to his popularity in the gay dating scene, which can sometimes lead to cultural misunderstandings, or, as in this case. ” often, dudes desire to immediately end up being your boyfriend,” he stated.