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Billionaire Cartel Leader El Mencho’s Brother-In-Law Extradited To United States

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Who’re the wealthiest a-listers on the planet? Madonna, Paul McCartney, Oprah… now maybe Kanye Western. You are going to undoubtedly recognize every title with this a number of extremely rich celebrities, however their real worth that is net will raise some eyebrows.

The minimal web worth required to be among the wealthiest a-listers in the world this season ended up being $600 million. Today believe it or not, there are TWELVE celebrity billionaires in the world.

A quick clarification/point of consideration before we dive into this list of the top 30-richest celebs –

We extremely recently published a listing of the wealthiest athletes on the planet. Having a web worth of $2.2 billion, jordan took the top. Should jordan additionally be considered a “celebrity?” We finished up deciding YES. He and something other athlete is roofed with this list for just two reasons: 1) They both received the vast, vast, great majority of the fortunes outside of their particular activities, and 2) they’ve been both perhaps both more famous throughout the decade that is last their non-athletic achievements.