Whenever sexuality that is discussing the current incarnation of Joji, Pink man – whoever album Pink Season came out in 2017 – is specially appropriate.

Into the 88rising movie “Joji & Lil Yachty Have Curious Conversations,” before telling Lil Yachty in regards to the erotic explorations they can experience at Soapland, they usually have a conversation about Pink man

Joji “I’ll be rapping in regards to a character who loves to draw cock.” Lil Yachty “He’s gay?” Joji “He’s maybe not homosexual. He’s only a intimate being.”

Instead of the prudishness that is stated of, Pink man is oppositional when it comes to sex. He’s a being that is sexual in the “STFU” video clip he humps a extremely spraying water hose between pranks and yelling that no body cares whether you’re alive, and also this is scarcely the exception into the guideline. Take the abrasive song “She’s So sweet,” a screaming, near unlistenable rant from the pink suited sexually charged demigod where he describes because he wanted to, because he could and because he wanted you to taste his dick when you went down on her next that he has fucked your fat whale of a girlfriend.