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Header Text: Transforming generations of young people together. 

In The Bronx & Manhattan, diversity is one of our biggest strengths. 

In order to reach every kid, it is our priority to have staff that reflect the communities where they serve. Currently 67% of our staff are black and brown people serving in communities either where they grew up or neighborhoods where they reflect the makeup of the community.

Young People in
New York are Unique.

They lack resources but have the city at their disposal.

They Are Alone But They Live In The Most Densely Populated Neighborhoods in the Country.

They love to do everything by themselves but they deeply desire to be known..

This Is Why 
More Than Ever

Students need caring adults who are willing to show up in their World. Not to judge them... But spend the necessary time to hear them.

Help us build, sustain, and scale unconditional love.

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